Thursday, February 02, 2006

The benefits of Online Storage

This week has been very hectic, I've been running all over the place, travelling, meeting clients, closing new deals and running like a chicken without a head to balance work and personal life.

My kid just got sick this week and I had to stay at home part-time taking care of him. While staying at home I had to work on documents I had left at the office. The first think that occured to me is: what the hell do you do when you leave your USB pen at the office, your laptop and the only thing you have with you is the PDA and your desktop computer ?

Well, I decided to setup a online storage account in one of the tens of websites that provide this service. Techcrunch has an excellent review of sites on this subject, that helped me identify the best provider.

Using an online storage website is like using a disk drive, you copy the files from the computer you're working at and send it to the online storage website. After this is done, you're able to share files with colleagues and, better yet, you can access them from any computer that has internet access. For me, this was a lifesaver this week, email some times doesn't work (files may be to big), and being able to continue working from home while sharing information with the office was a stress relief.